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WA Registered Agent For New LLCs and Corporations

We provide dependable Washington registered agent service for new WA LLCs and corporations. Sign up and get immediate access to your digital filing portal. You can order any Washington State business formation and filing from your portal. All forms are pre-filled with our Washington registered agent information and ready to submit to the Secretary of State.

Our Washington Business Presence package has everything you need to launch your new business in Washington. It includes a domain, website, email, SSL, and Washington phone number with virtual phone service.

Concerned about business privacy? As your Washington registered agent, we can help keep your personal information out of the public record.

Get Washington Registered Agent for $50 a Year

Existing Washington Company: Change Your WA Registered Agent

If already have a Washington business and want to change your registered agent, we are here to help. We make changing Washington registered agents simple and easy. Sign up now and you can instantly change your registered agent online today.

Get Washington Registered Agent for $50 a Year

Washington Registered Agent

Fast, Secure, Instant Washington Registered Agent Service

The Revised Code of Washington State (Section 23b.05.010) requires that all business entities designate and maintain a Washington registered agent to accept service of process and legal correspondence. When you hire us as your Washington registered agent, we will accept these documents at our Washington registered office, contact you when they are accepted, and forward them to you immediately. All you documents are uploaded into your online account at our office in downtown Spokane, and you can access them instantly.

We will forward all your legal documents to the address you provide during the signup process. You can also select third-parties such as your attorney or CPA to receive notifications as well.

Premium Service for $50

Washington registered agent service is what we do. We know the staff at the Washington Secretary of State, and they know us. We simplify forming and maintaining your business in Washington by providing you with simple effective filing tools. When you hire us for $50 a year Washington registered agent service, you receive the following:

  • Instant Document Scans and Uploads
    We will upload all documents received on your company’s behalf within minutes and forward them to you immediately. This is our primary statutory duty, and we take our job seriously. You get an instant email alert the day your document arrives, and we bug you as much as necessary until you actually view the documents in your account.
  • Premium Service at a Discount Price: $50 a year.$50. That’s the total price. No gimmicks. No hidden fees. No upsells. We don’t tack on nitpicky fees. With Washington Registered Agent, the price given is the bottom line.
  • Every Document Auto-Signed
    Every state filing form you may need to file with the Washington Secretary of State can be found in your online account: pre-signed, ready to print and ready to file.
  • Infinite Document Access
    Every document we accept on behalf of your business are scanned into your digital account and stored there for you to access anytime, anywhere.
  • Washington Business Presence
    We do more than just accept your mail and scan it for you. Our service includes everything you need to establish your online business presence. It allows you to choose your own website domain and get an email address at that domain, control your website on an open-source platform, and pick a local phone number for a direct business line you can use with an internet connection, either on our iOS or Android apps or from your computer.
  • Business Privacy
    Many Washington State business filings require you to disclose compromising personal information. As your Washington registered agent, we believe it’s our duty to help you keep your private information private. That means we use our address instead of yours wherever possible. That keeps your personal information as it should be—safe.
  • Professional Filing Tips
    All of the state forms in your online account to file or maintain a business come with our easy-to-understand pro filing tips designed to make every filing simple and easy.
  • No Contracts: Cancel Whenever You Want
    Cancel service with us whenever you want if you are unhappy. No additional charges or severance fees.
  • Secure Registered Office Location
    We own our downtown Spokane office outright, something no other Washington registered agent can claim. We’re not going anywhere, and you can rely on our service for years to come.
  • Instant Washington Registered Agent Service
    When you place your order, you will have instant access to your digital account. No wait times. Just premium service instantly.
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$50 a Year

  • Same-Day Document Scans

  • Discount Price: $50 a Year

  • Pre-signed Forms Ready to File

  • Instant Viewing of Scanned Documents

  • Cancel Anytime (No Severance Fees)

  • Secure Document Forwarding

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Registered Agent FAQ

What Is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is either an individual or company that serves as the official point of contact for a business entity. When a business is sued or needs to be contacted for official purposes, a notice is sent to the company’s registered agent. A registered agent accepts service of process (notice of a lawsuit), legal correspondence, official demands and compliance reminders delivered to a business. As your Washington registered agent, we accept these documents and scan them into your digital account instantly.

Is a Registered Agent Required By Law?

Yes. The Revised Code of Washington State requires every business entity formed with the Secretary of State to appoint a registered agent. A business entity cannot be formed or registered without one.

Do You Help Me File Other Business Documents?

After you sign up, you will find every Washington business filing stored and uploaded into your account. These include:

  • Articles of Incorporation (For-Profit and Non-Profit)
  • Certificate of Formation (LLC)
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Articles of Withdrawl
  • Articles of Dissolution
  • Partnership Formation
  • Much More

How Do I Change Registered Agents in Washington?

Hire us for $50 a year. In your online account, you can then find the necessary form (Statement of Change) to file with the Secretary of State. We provide simple, easy instructions for filing.

Do You Forward Mail?

We forward any document that we receive on your behalf. However, we ask that you do not use our address on personal stationary, business cards, or on other business forms (aside from formation documents submitted to the Secretary of State).

Do You Forward Junk Mail?

Junk mail goes straight to the shredder!

How Do You Notify Me When You Receive Documents For My Business?

As your Washington registered agent, we send email alerts to you the same day we scan your service of process or official mail into your online account. We continue to send alerts until you actually view the document.

How Do I Sign Up?

Click the button below. Our sign up form is fast, friendly and easy to navigate.

Thank you for your business!

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